I ordered flowers a day before it had to be delivered. I even paid a little extra to have it before 12 pm but by 11:30, no flowers in sight.

I called and talked to the worker there and she said that the driver was in my area and that he'd arrive to the house "shortly". Her definition of shortly must've been different from mine because we decided to wait until 12 to see if the flowers would show up. And you guessed it, no *** flowers. We had somewhere to be so we left the house and every 30 minutes, I would track the flowers to see if they had been delivered.

They never were. I decided to call again at 2:20 and ask why they were lying to us. She said the same the other worker said when I had called earlier, "The driver is in your area and will be there shortly." I told her that when I called earlier, the other worker said the same exact thing. She apologized for it being so late but it didn't matter.

Around 4, we came home. Then finally at 4:22 pm, a man rung our door bell and delivered the flowers. He apologized and such but I honestly didn't care anymore. Not only were they late but the flowers looked NOTHING like the picture.

The picture had beautiful blooming lillies and dozens of roses and baby breaths to fill up the entire vase and then some. Ours looked like they took left overs, stuck it in a small vase and called them presentable.

Review about: From You Flowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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