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“WORST SERVICE EVER! Placed an order on Tuesday for Delivery Thursday for 15 overpriced Tulips in a plain glass vase for about $52.00 deliver times from 9AM-6PM.

Also ordered a Fruit Basket total about $120. Flowers never delivered, talked to Brittney at customer service around 8pm who said that the girl I spoke to on Tuesday (Amanda) canceled the order and never put it through again. Mind you she said canceled and They still took the money out of my account. Brittney apologized that they messed up the order, then proceeded to place the order through and told me that the flowers would arrive to the recipient by Sat.

Friday I receive a phone call from customer service to call them back, when I do call them back they tell me that they can't deliver the flowers on SAT. because I didn't pay the extra shipping fee for Sat. deliveries. (ON AN ORDER THEY MESSED UP) Demanded to talk to a supervisor and got Andrew.

I was irate at this point and he placed me on hold 2 times for several minutes a piece after I told him he better find a way to get flowers out ASAP after I was told the day before they would be. When he finally got back he said he would find a florist in the area and see if they can do a Friday delivery if possible, if not then they would get to the person by Sat. If there are any issues getting flowers out I will give you a call. Saturday rolls around about 4pm.

No Flowers. Called customer service again and asked for a supervisor the girl told me she was a supervisor (her name Tisha) she said the flowers won't get to the person til Tuesday, and I lost it. I demanded to speak to her superior, and she put me on hold. When she came back she said she could offer me a refund on my order, I was livid, I demanded to speak to her supervisor again and she then transferred me after saying that she would since the call was getting "escalated" beyond her ability to help.

Talked to her supervisor (I think his name was Dion?), found out that Andrew never actually did anything after he hung up the phone with me on Friday. After reaming him out for now several days of phone calls and frustration, stress, and disappointment; Demanded my refund, could care less what they now did with the week old flowers that were probably wilting by now, and I asked if I would be receiving an email confirmation for the refund. He told me absolutely.... Its now 11:11PM Monday, I have not received any such emails.

( I'm aware that any refunds to my card will take several days to process) I work Clothing retail customer service, I deal with people face to face rather then over the phone. If I did half of the things this company has done to me in a matter of days, I would not have a job.

This is truly the worst customer service I have ever seen. I ADVISE YOU: I WOULD NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN, AND I WOULD AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST.

Product or Service Mentioned: From You Flowers Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $52.

From You Flowers Cons: Lack of customer service, Delivery date or time is false, Lied to me, Did not fulfill promises.

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