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Placed on order of 2 dozen roses to be delievered to my significant other at her job. Flowers got delievered to the wrong location.

Customer service was the worst. After I called to complain about the flowers never getting delievered, the rep stated that they were not responsible for the delivery issues because the company doesn’t to do the delivery, that FED EX handles that and offered me a 20% discount and $20 gift card for my next purchase. After denying that, I got offered a 50% discount for my next purchase. After denying and asking to speak with a supervisor, the rep told me the supervisor was very busy and couldn’t speak with me.

I told the rep I’d wait until the supervisor was not busy so I could talk to him/her. After a 10 minute hold, the rep gets back on and says the supervisor was sick and wasn’t in. I asked for the next supervisor in charge and rudely got told “sir, what do you want to be done?! What do you want?!” I calmly and respectfully replying with just simply wanting to speak with A supervisor in charge because he(the rep) couldn’t help me.

After a 15 minute wait, a supervisor got on the line and quickly resolved to give me back my money and re-order the flowers to be delievered to a new address for the following day. After receiving the new tracking info, I kept up with it and noticed the delievery date was scheduled to be delievered 2 days out. So I called again and asked to be given the delievery date since I got told one day and now it changed to 2, meaning I had to tell my significant other to wait ANOTHER day for her flowers. After 9pm on Friday(new delievery date), I called again because the flowers didn’t get delievered.

I got another new delievery date, which was Monday. On Monday they got delievered TO THE WRONG PLACE! Luckily this time they actually got delievered to the right WORK address I initially put, but this company is the worst. Rude customer service that tries to get you to accept *** offers just to get you off the phone and continuous date change on new delivery.

Put yourself in my significant other’s shoes, how embarrassing it is to ask if flowers got delievered to her work space on Valentine’s Day and have all her co workers and boss tell her nothing got delivered all day long. Then how shitty I feel to continuously have to tell her she’s not getting the flowers until a new date.

So I decided to give this company another chance yesterday on ordering some flowers for my significant other again. Thinking it might of just been how busy the company was that caused the shitty issue. I ordered some sunflowers and roses bouquet and paid for extra to be delivered before or by 12pm the following day.

Keep in mind I placed the order around 9-10am ish. My significant other isn’t going to be home starting today at 12:30 until Sunday night. 12 hits and I call customer services because the flowers are yet to be delivered, updated saying they’re shipped, or that they’re out for delievery. Luckily this time the rep isn’t rude.

I tell him the issue and get put on hold so that he can contact the shop. I get told that they’re just waiting on the driver to come back and the flowers will be sent out ASAP and should be delivered by 1pm. I understand there might of been some issue with the shop, but I don’t understand how the rep was shocked when I asked for my money back from the expedited shipping I did not receive. Don’t know how long it’ll take for it to show up on my bank account or receive an email confirming the refund, but hopefully I at least get an email at the end of the day.

And I hope the flowers at least still get delivered by 1pm. Company can’t even ensure to give you what you paid for.

Last time I order from this bs company. I would go to a local flower shop, buy some on the spot, and hand deliever them to my significant other if I wasn’t in the military 5 states away from home.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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