I had an absolutely awful experience using From You Flowers, and I will certainly never use the company again. I ordered a florist-arranged bouquet to be delivered to my parents the day before Valentine's Day. They were to be delivered in the evening as a surprise and so my parents could enjoy them for all of Valentine's Day. I waited that evening to get word from my parents that the flowers arrived, but news never came. I had to ask my parents if the checked the porches or if they received phone calls about a delivery. Both of these provided negative results, and in the process revealed the surprise to my parents.

The customer service representatives were very understanding and polite, and I know that none of this was their fault. The first representative tried to get my order upgraded and delivered on Valentine's Day. However, because of the busy holiday, my order was unable to be delivered that day. I had to call back to customer service to discover this information. The second representative offered me a 15% refund. That, unfortunately, would not even cover half of the delivery price. The company also offered to send an apology note, as if that would make up for the ordeal. I managed to get two Mylar balloons thrown in, but that still left me with my order being delivered two days late, after the holiday had passed, with only a small size upgrade, $6 refunded, two balloons, and an apology.

I called back a third time because of the 100% satisfaction guarantee on the company's website. This states that they will either refund my money or send a new delivery. Neither were applicable in my case. Though the representative was again understanding and helpful, the best they could do was a 30% refund. For the hassle that I went through, the absolute failure of delivery for the purpose of my order, the ruining of the surprise for my parents, and the fact that I would see my parents the day after these flowers would be delivered (late), I decided to cancel my order and spend the money selecting a huge bouquet myself and ensuring that it would be delivered into their hands.

I will absolutely not use this company again. I will advise all of my friends and relatives to never use this company. I am extremely and utterly dissatisfied with the service I received (not from the customer service representatives), and I am astounded at the poor "incentives" the company provided for me to maintain my order with them. (Please note, none of this gives me back the hours I wasted on the customer service lines).

Review about: From You Flowers Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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