I was so pissed when i saw a photo of the flowers i sent. What a rip off.

they were totally anemic, flopped over and loaded with fillers that looked like they were swiped from a grave. they did give me my money back after i threatened to complain to BBB. I will never order from them again.I wish you could see the vase full of dying weeds they sent. so embarrassing!

nothing like the photo they feature. There were no irises at all and it was supposed to feature irises.... they put in some kind of purple *** instead.

what i paid for is in the first photo and what i got is in the second. you be the judge.

Product or Service Mentioned: From You Flowers Arrangement.

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You all need to understand, From You Flowers is ONLY THE MIDDLEMAN, the quality of the flowers, good or bad, is up to the FLORIST, perhaps you should start pointing the fingers at those TRULY responsible, the Florist, THEN if you do not get anywhere with that, call FYF.

to Anonymous Lake Forest, Illinois, United States #644010

You obviously have some sort of link to this company and that is why you continue to defend them in every post. we as customers of FYF are paying them to get quality flowers to th recipient as we paid and in the time frame we expected.

FYF is making their money off of being a middle man.

THEY are responsible for ensuring that they have quality vendors that deliver the correct flowers. You cann

to Anonymous Seattle, Washington, United States #887696

You to understand, "Anonymous" that "From You Flowers" does not disclose the actual florist!

I asked for the name of the florist after finding out the crooks delivered an insult of a dead pathetic bouquet and NO box of chocolates.

This policy gives less than decent florists a way to cheat the consumer hand in hand with a middle man like "F U Flowers" who take 20% off the top.

Both parties are ripping off the consumer. They should not be able to hide behind a veil of anonymity!

Always log a complaint with the BBB and demand a refund, no gift certificates.

Also find a good local florist who refuses to work with these people and is proud of their arrangements they always include THEIR business card.

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