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Update by user Sep 26, 2018

As recommended by the BBB, I finally contacted Robyin Fountain at (or by phone at 860-701-4140) with a copy of this review. Ms.

Fountain called me in a very short time with a resolution including refund, an apology card to get me out of the doghouse, and a new flower arrangement from a different affiliate at no cost. The new arrangement arrived within hours and was as expected the first time. I had several return emails from FYF and a confirmation call to be sure a new arrangement had been delivered. Yes!

All are happy and I learned a big lesson. From You Flowers and Ms. Fountain made me feel that it made a real difference to them to get the order right with a customer (and recipients) happy. I am not sure of their business model but with so many complaints I can guess many promises are made and there are quite a few not kept.

One email from FYF indicated that the original affiliate was under review as to their continued connection with them. That and the quick response doesn't sound to me that FYF is not trying responsive to their customer. Kudos and thanks to FYF.

Maybe soon a better product and response the first time will help elevate a customer's confidence to pay such a high upfront premium for same-day or next day flowers. I do wish them and their local affiliated well.

Original review posted by user Sep 24, 2018


I could not be in town to deliver flowers in two cities as needed so I pick a webstore that advertised they could. Before ordering, I checked some of other customers' purchase temperature across the spectrum of consumer websites and the ratings were already horrible. Sorta desperate, I was hoping that they were only the squeaky wheels and placed two orders anyway. Both the same as they looked nice in the photo. Even bought premium and same day for one of the deliveries. NOPE! I felt foolish after checking on the first delivery then receiving the too late email so many people remarked about coming right as their nightmares began.

"Cannot deliver the same day as advertised. Here's $2.99 back."

I except the return of the $2.99 same-day charge since they were unable to meet my order's terms. They missed an important date that I would gladly have paid again as much as the regular $14.00 service charge for a really good chance to have met.

Even with a "20% discount," the high $14.00 handling charge already made From You Flowers significantly the highest priced "maybe they will get there ... maybe not" florist service for the same arrangement. Not meeting an advertised rush delivery for the additional $2.99 raffle chance and cop-out token refund is quite an insult even if it is spelled out in the ordering information. That small fixed cost indicates there is no incentive for From You Flowers to ever meet a same-day purchase on the first and probably last order someone places. (Second orders look to be lacking based on ratings and customer comments.)

"Totally different arrangements ... In quality."

The worst insult is that one arrangement was with only enough flowers to meet the lowest priced bouquet but adding to that, the flowers looked like someone took them off a week old used funeral arrangement...bless their soul. Looking horrible, they sadly stayed on the table 2 days and thrown out. Luckily one delivery was quite pretty and lasted a week. Unfortunately, both recipients happened to see the others arrangements. OMG!

"Bottom Line...."

I was taken for over $140.00 to receive maybe $35.00 worth of flowers and service plus a whole lot of embarrassment. Not much I can do but since the horrible looking arrangement went to my wife, I am only on week 2 of a long sentence bringing home pretty flowers locally arranged special just for her.

Product or Service Mentioned: From You Flowers Flowers.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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