My friends lives in India.She ordered some stuff for my birthday at the website of 'Fromyouflowers'.

The picture of the package said that it would have 2 lindt chocolates, ferrero rocher, and some other chocolates too. The website page says that might 'substitute' the items with 'similar items' She was charged around $68 (including $15 for within 4 hours delivery, which took more than 6 hours). When the package arrived, it had 2 small packs of m7ms, kit kat, snickers, and some more chocolates. None of the chocolates mentioned on the display picture was delivered.

All of them were 'substituted' with 'similar chocolates'? Seriously? $68 for 2 small packs of m&ms? I could have made the entire thing in $15.

My friend ordered those chocolates because they do not have egg in their ingredients. But, some of the chocolates that were delivered have egg in them. I am allergic to eggs! Then, she raised a request to return the order and refund the money.

The people offered 'apologies' and a $15 gift card for the next time we order something from their website. Why would somebody purchase anything from them after such a bad experience? (Oh! a $15 gift card!

Yayy! Let us order again and go through the same mess again! WOW!) These people did not even even mention anything about refund, let alone process it. She has the right to return her order and take the refund as per their '100% satisfaction guarantee'.

She sent an email again, and again these people ignored her demand for a return and offered her 'apologies'. They do this because they think that the customer is form another country, and hence cannot do anything. They can deliver whatever they want and nothing would happen to them.

But let me tell you, if this does not sort, I would seek legal help.I am a student in US and I am here for another 18 months.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $68.

Preferred solution: Full refund.


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