Tampa, Florida
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I ordered $120 of flowers for Valentines Day and they guaranteed me delivery on valentines day. By 9pm at night on Valentines Day.......

still no flowers were delivered and my love goes home from work with no Valentines Day gift from me. She thinks I just forgot her and did not care about her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU......from you flowers for ruing my Valentines Day gift to my love!!!!!. I will NEVER order from you again!!!!!

If they could not guarantee delivery of my gift of flowers they should have never taken the order.

They should have just told me because of the high valentines Day volume they could not guarantee delivery and I would have ordered from someone else....no problem. Instead they took the order and my money and did not deliver my flowers!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: From You Flowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I waited all week to see my girl brag about 100 flowers when she send me the pic from work they were half dead and small as ***. This company is the worst!!

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