These clowns haven't sent the flowers I ordered, trying to get them to email you back is a feat in itself, and because I'm in Afghanistan, I can't call to actually try to talk to someone. Why?

These people are not an actual florist. Had I read the about us, I would have noticed that they are only affiliated with florists around the world. The only thing they can do is take your order, and THEN call the local florist to wherever you were going to have them delivered to, and make an order on your behalf.... pocketing a little bit for their own costs and charging you more than the flowers at the local florist would charge.

So they cannot gaurentee anything. They dont know anything if the local florists are swamped, or got lost, or haven't gotten around to it yet. They cannot gaurentee same day delivery, they can't even gaurentee delivery at all. You would be better off calling a buddy and having him do it all for you.

Having a friend call for me since I am deployed over here, when asking for my money back, they said they would have to talk to the local florist first and find out what is going on before they can cancel the order.

Save yourself the time and trouble and google the city your delivering to and try to find a florist that way. Don't look for the big names.

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