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I'm done with this pitiful company. Last week you ruined My daughters birthday by sending her six children's books and a friggin stuffed animal in a cheap wicker basket!

When I ordered the jumbo cafe basket.

So your incompetent customer service representative told Me(in a very sarcastic and I don't give a *** additude) all we will do for your inconvenience is send you a 20$ coupon. This company is responsible for ruining my daughter's birthday. And all you will do is give me a friggin coupon? I have spent 808.83$ with this company in two years.

The straw that broke the camel's back is, today I decided to give you guys another chance by ordering flowers for my fiance. I went to send my fiance Flowers. I used the 20$ coupon. no problem placing the order , but two hours after placing the order I received a email informing Me that My order cannot be delivered before the delivery time of four to six PM.

My fiance goes on a two week vacation out of state,so this is the second time this company has ruined my surprises to the most important women in My life.

So I will never order anything from this over priced rip off *** company. A copy of this email will be sent to the Better bBusiness Bureau and posted to Google's review page By the way has a customer rating of 1.3 by Google

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