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I ordered flowers to mark the arrival of my first grandchild. Wrote up a heartfelt message for the card.

From You Flowers sent what they called a 'card' withnt even half the message on it AND not a mention of who had sent them. They offered a $15 gift token which I refused. They then refunded $15 but my chance to send a gift to my daughter was ruined…you don't get a second go at that.

Don't give them your business!! Have a look at the 'card' with the quarter message, attached.

Product or Service Mentioned: From You Flowers Flowers.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Look at the horrible handwriting! Its obvious the employee did not care about what they were doing!

It's a flower company- the card is VERY IMPORTANT! Whew...

Wow, and to the person below that states the problem could be resolved by "going out into the world" wow oh wow oh wow..... Mail order has been done long before the internet. AND FLOWER SALES 95% of the time ARE DONE BY MAIL ORDER, over the phone or internet!

Thats what makes it convient, where I live I would have to drive over 70 miles to a flower shop- but that doesn't matter.

I LIKE TO MAIL-ORDER, when I am "out in the world" the last thing I want to be doing is shopping!!!! Wow support your sisters!

West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States #943595

how about instead of being lazy you go into a shop and sign the card yourself? I know it's a foreign concept to people to actually go out into the world.

that being said about the dropping the ball, ok they did and they tried to rectify the situation but you wouldn't move from your soap box like a 2 year old who wants more candy and is told no.

to notgivingit #943945

Congrats on the safe arrival of the beautiful comment. Lazy, ha ha

to goodone Quincy, Massachusetts, United States #943955

I thought you might have the courtesy to respond in a proper grown up manner, I was obviously wrong. I hope that you Sir/Madam do not represent the attitude of the majority of people here, especially to a visitor to your country. You should be ashamed of yourself.

to notgivingit #948154

Wow... Your comment has NOTHING to do with the situation.

Rather, you are standing on your soapbox complaining about someone that has a legitimate problem! Wow, support your sisters.

Your comment is actually appalling! I hope you are a teenager.

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