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I placed an order on Thursday evening (5/5) for flowers to be delivered to a wake the next day. I paid an additional fee that guaranteed the flowers would be delivered by noon on Friday (5/6).

The flowers were not delivered by 5pm so I called From You Flowers and was advised the florist would not know the status of my order until his delivery truck returned from deliveries. I reminded them the flowers were supposed to have arrived by noon and that was quite odd that the florist could not call the delivery driver via cell phone. From You Flowers advised the delivery drivers could not be disturbed during deliveries. I told them I hope they never use this same florist again and that I would call them back if the flowers did not arrive by the time the wake ended (9pm).

Well, the flowers did not arrive and I called From You Flowers again. I advised the flowers had not been delivered and was told by From You Flowers they were on the truck for delivery and would be at the mortuary in the next 15minutes. I said ok and that I would call them back if they did not arrive. Around midnight, I found out the flowers still had not been delivered and was back on the phone to From You Flowers.

This time I was told the previous reps I had spoken to were new to the company, the flowers had been delivered at 2:30pm and had been placed in the mortuary's flower room, and that a delivery confirmation had been sent to me via email. I advised the flowers had not in fact been delivered as I was at the wake and they were not there. From You Flowers advised they would check with the florist in the morning and call me back. I phoned the mortuary in the morning and inquired if they had received any flower deliveries the previous day and was advised they had not.

As of noon on Saturday (5/7), I had not heard back from From You Flowers, so I called them yet again. This time they placed me on hold and called the mortuary to confirm no flowers had been received. I was then advised they would be able to send the flowers to a home address on Monday (5/9). I said ok and gave them the name and address of where to send the flowers.

On Monday (5/9), I received a confirmation of delivery email. Today, Tuesday (5/10), I spoke with the flower recipient and found out no flowers had been delivered. I called From You Flowers again this evening and was advised they had received confirmation of delivery on 5/9. I told them that was nice, but the flowers had not been delivered.

They then said they would need to speak with the florist again tomorrow morning (5/11) and would call me back. At this point, I told them the whole situation was ridiculous and that I did not want flowers coming from the same florist as he/she had already provided two fake delivery confirmations and that I wanted them to find another florist that could deliver to the same area. They said they found another florist in the area and that the flowers will be sent tomorrow to the home address I provided to them on 5/7. I am appauled by how I have been treated by this company and am shocked in the manner in which they handle their business.

I have been treated as if I am lieing. I told From You Flowers from my first complaint call that I am not looking for compensation, I just want the darn flowers delivered...period. We will see what happens tomorrow, but I am not holding my breathe.

I am sure I will be on the phone with them again within the next 24hrs! :(

Product or Service Mentioned: From You Flowers Delivery Service.

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:( Ruined my v day my proposel was ruined


This company is what is known as an "order gatherer".. Florists for the most part can't stand them.

They parade around on the internet as a local florist. What they do is take an order for say $50.00 and charge their customer an additonal $17.50 plus taxes for taking the order.

Then they send the order to the florist to make it up and deliver it, but it will be disconted down to where the florist will actually receive about $35.00 for all of it. IT IS WAY BETTER TO CALL THE LOCAL FLORIST AND NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN THIS SCHEME OF DECEIT WITH FROM YOU FLOWERS!

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