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Livid!! I sent my mom what I thought was a beautiful birthday bouquet to her school in hopes of making the other teachers jealous but instead I'm sure she was embarrassed.

Review about: From You Flowers Bouquet.

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Houston, Texas, United States #949784

I had the same experience! I will never again use them!!


I think she is more embarrassed by your attitude then anything, even if she was embarrassed she should be because by the time someone is an adult they should realize it is the thought that counts.

to KevinRichards #897154

Mr.Richards, the thought that counts???

Please! Do you have a clue as to how expensive a fresh flower arrangement is? When purchasing a nice bouquet via photo, it SHOULD look almost exactly as pictured! The gift-giver has every right to be "livid"!

When you pay for fresh flowers by design, you expect the person you're gifting to receive what you, personally, chose. You may need glasses if you can't tell the difference between a chintzy 3-flower arrangement, using "greens" as a filler, compared to a beautiful, colorful, combination of three "separate" species in the arrangement pictured above.

This same thing happened to me - JUST ONCE - I was mortified!I now call the recipient's hometown florist directly after researching and choosing a reputable business who is highly rated.

to GetReal2014 Markham, Ontario, Canada #897395

Why not get mommy or daddy to read my comment to you. The fact remains the mother is ungrateful if she was embarrassed due to a gift she got.

to KevinRichards New York, New York, United States #902841

Wow...you're really an ***!!! I hope no ever send you anything!!!

to KevinRichards New York, New York, United States #902838

Mr.Richards....as the @GetReal2014 said, you clearly have never ordered flowers before or anything else for that matter.

Tell me, how would you feel if you ordered your favorite team jersey to wear to a sporting event and the company sends you your rival team's jersey instead? You would probably be LIVID too. People have the right to expect what they pay for. That's just common sense.

But to basically tell someone, 'hey, I know you paid $75 for a floral design, but you should be happy with the $25 arrangement they sent because it's the thought that counts" is insane.Get your priorities together before you attack someone who has a legitimate reason to complain.

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