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I ordered the Best Wishes bouquet and it even had the ribbon wrapped around the vase. I think it all depends in the area where you live and the florist fulflling the order. Too much negativity and not enough positive feedback. I even got not one but two emails letting me know that they delivered and at what time. So I had a good experience and although I appreciate reviews and being able to get feedback when ordering something...sometimes...
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the same day one didnt show up so i called from you flowers, waited on hold for 45minutes and they said that the florist never said anything to them about not being able to deliver the boquet. I asked for a refund, he stated that he will process a refund and it should be 2-5 days before i see the credit on my card. I said ok. I come into work the next day to see an email saying that the florist delivered the flowers? I asked security at work...
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I recently placed an order for the flowers delivery to a friend, my friend never received the flowers, even tho I received the email that they were delivered. When I called to complain, customer service representatives couldn't help me at all. So, now I don't have money or the flowers I paid for. Stay away from this company. They have good prices, but you will never get the delivery. Better pay a little more, but get what you ordered.Aside from...
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I didn't like
  • Employees
  • Misrepresented delivery
  • Poor communication