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I chose From You Flowers because my boyfriend had a $10 gift card that he received as compensation from this company when they sent a random arrangement of filler flowers (that were nothing like what he had ordered) to his father in the hospital after he had suffered a heart attack. I should've taken that as a warning but I didnt...so here's what happened:

I recently took a job that is 12 hours away from my mother - who is also my best friend. April 30th was the first birthday in probably 30 years that I did not get to spend with her, so I decided to have flowers sent to her work. After nearly two hours of searching their website, I finally decided on a gorgeous lavender arrangement (third photo) and included in the card's message "thought the purple would make it feel as if I was there with you" since it was a joke between us that my new job requires me to wear purple scrubs everyday.

On April 29th, her arrangement arrived. Because she is so polite, she sent me a photo and thanked me for the "beautiful flowers" (first photo). I WAS EMBARRASSED FOR THESE TO BE SITTING ON HER DESK WITH MY NAME ON THE CARD! I could've gone to Wal mart and picked these up for $9.99!! Did they even look at the picture on my order?! I guess they at least read the message on the card because something prompted some sort of purple animal print ribbon to be tied around the cheap *** vase. Too bad I didn't write "happy early birthday on the card."

So I contacted the company and after being told 25 times that "sometimes they have to substitute" (SUBSTITUTE?! There wasn't a single flower that was even remotely similar to those in the arrangement I had chosen - nor were any of them lavender), they agreed to give it a second go round.

They then delivered the second arrangement (second photo) to her home and left them on her front porch to scorch in the sun all afternoon.....not sure why they asked for her cell number since they evidently had no intention of contacting her to deliver the arrangement in a conducive manner. And guess what arrived? An ugly, plain vase filled with PINK roses PINK daisies and other sprigs that could possible pass as purple-ish but maybe it was just that the cheap purple ribbon that was tied around the vase was reflecting on to the flowers. I don't know.

So, today I contacted them again to let them know that they were a little closer this time but my $80 still felt wasted. Now here's the best part...they said they would give me a full refund but that they would have to send someone to my mothers house to TAKE THE FLOWERS FROM HER! What?!?!?! You are going to send someone to her home to knock on her door a WEEK after her birthday (the new card by the way said happy Mother's Day - which is three days from now) and make her give the flowers back?! That is quite possibly the most disgusting business practice I have ever heard of in my life!!


Oh, and if a representative from the company posts the same auto comment on this review that they have posted on others' reviews - politely urging me to submit my complaint to their company e-mail, i will be less than pleased. So, kindly have some respect (for once) From You Flowers, and refrain from adding your "kind" suggestion on my post.

Product or Service Mentioned: From You Flowers Arrangement.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Ha! I just noticed your flower arrangement is shown in the advertisement for their Mother's Day promotion!

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