The flower arrangement was put in the corner of my front porch in the freezing cold for many hours, even though it came from a local florist one 10th of a mile from my house and I was home at least three hours before the store closed. The roses were puny, wilted and a lot less prevalent than in the picture.

The vase was not as nice as the free glass you get with a slurpee. This was not what I expected for $45 (after shipping, care, handling, whatever you call it).

I have done much better simply going directly to my local florist or through FTD.

Oh yeah, and don't try to complain... their complaint mailbox is full and rejects your messages !!!

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New York City, New York, United States #600178

That sounds awful- mind telling me more about what happened?


use your local florist, they fill all the wire orders. Shopping on line for parishable goods is not recomended, If there is no box store you are out of luck. shop local and support your community.

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