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I was trying to get flowers for my sister's birthday. I tried to check out a total of four or five times on two separate days, so this is not a computer glitch.

First, at the very bottom of the page where you fill out billing info, there is an expedited delivery fee option of $5.99. The box is checked and you have to uncheck it or you will be charged. Second, there is a "review order" button instead of a "make purchase" order. twice when I clicked it, it showed the order, but had dropped my 20% discount.

Yesterday this made an approximately $44 order go up $10. Today I had forgotten to uncheck the expedited delivery, and the order for the same $44 purchase rung up at $70! I don't even know where the extra $10 came from. I hit the back arrow, but the information I had entered in the fields was gone and the discount had dropped off.

Literally had the same exact order ring up at about $44, about $54, and $70 in 24 hours.

I will never use this company again. I have never had a problem with Proflowers.

Product or Service Mentioned: From You Flowers Bouquet.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Never order from company again .

From You Flowers Cons: Price changes during ordering process.

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FYF is one of many sending only call centers and not a real florist. The reason why their orders don't get delivered is because most of us real florist will not deal with these call centers.

They charge you all of these extras to get your order delivered and then send the real florist the price of the bouquet. The "How Sweet It Is" bouquet is a Teleflora product. They, too, are a sending only call center, but most florist use the TF Dove system and pay big fees to be part of their service so they can wire flowers out to other real florists in other states or countries. FYF is one of many *** wire centers who'd like to claim they are like Teleflora and FTD, but are no where close.

They snatch pictures from Teleflora and FTD to put on their websites, put every item they offer on sale, offer discounts and speedy delivery service, but they cannot guarantee you that any florist in the country will accept an order from FYF. In total they keep about half of the money you spend with FYF and send the florist the money you paid for the bouquet. If they choose to keep the order, they will deduct their delivery fee from the total they receive. I've been a floral designer for over 25 years and I can tell you that these call centers are the bane of the flower industry.

FYF will continue to try and place your order with a real florist. I know because even after we refuse the wire orders, they call over and over again. There are 4 florist in the small city where I work and all of us get tired of talking to the same place about the same order we have refused many times over. They waste more time with these phone calls instead of just contacting you, their customer, and telling you the truth; that they cannot get any reputable florist in the city you need flowers delivered to accept the order.


a florist won't accept an order that would put them out of business if they reproduced it by the recipe (yes flower arrangements wired in have recipes) because they didn't send them enough money to do so. Of those florists that accept the orders from FYF, they make what they can send out for the money they received and not go in the hole.

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