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This company is a fraud!! I ordered a flowers and chocolates to be delivered on 7/3 for a new baby. Not only was it delayed once but twice and according to my friend the only thing that came was a very small bouquet of flowers, no chocolates, no balloons which I was told my flowers would be upgraded to a bigger bouquet for the first flub up on their part....also I was told they would call my friend and tell her that a surprise was on the way and that she had been thought of on the day her baby was born.... She said this never happened... She never got any phone calls at all, no apology etc. And to beat that when her arrangement could not be delivered again, now it would be delayed 4 days!!! your phone operator told me that she would

Upgrade it a second time to include 6 it's a girl pink balloons!

My friend finally got some flowers on 7/7/14 when I originally requested they be sent on 7/3 she rcvd nothing special no balloons... No chocolates.,,

And the flowers were not even like what I originally ordered which was a premium bouquet originally!!

In fact the flowers she received was the smallest version on the web page!! I paid $20 extra for the premium arrangement and was told it would be upgraded to include a med box of chocolates and then also balloons, in fact I gave up my supposed 20% off so I could just upgrade again thinking by the time she finally gets these flowers she will be so surprised!! What she got was a $20 bouquet at best and nothing promised!! Had I known I would have cancelled and called Proflowers which I have used before and was very happy!

I want a FULL REFUND!!

Then they have the nerve to send me a$15 off coupon like I'm going to use them ??!

I turned this into paypal also so I will update this if anything happens. I told

'For You Flowers' but have yet to see a refund!

As you can clearly see this is what she got for $50 and 4 days LATE !!

You've got to be kidding!!!

Photo 1 is what she got, the rest is what I was told or ordered for her.

Very Disappointed :(

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I ordered flowers to be delivered to my mom on Mother's Day. My mom said the flowers were not delivered to her.

Westminster, Colorado, United States #855358

I am currently in phase 2, the promised upgrade for not delivering on the 100% Guaranteed delivery promise. The florist claims no one was home.

HA, LIE. The local florist never attempted delivery. So now I will wait all day to hear that they were not delivered or that they were wrong as so many other reviews have indicated.

I am researching a class action law suit into this sham of a company.

They have a guarantee on their site that states: From You Flowers, LLC offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason feel free to contact us. We will either refund your money or redeliver a new product. The choice is yours!

Problems are rare, but when they occur From You Flowers is available 24 hours a day to help you.

They may try to get around this by delivering substandard and lower quality products.

If we all take to the social networks maybe we can get their attention. If you tweet, send out how atrocious they are, facebook it, instagram your ugly flowers, or the spot where the flowers could have gone.

The review sites like this one, Yelp etc, all have an avg 1.5 stars, and lots of 5 star reviews from either employees or people to paid to write 5 star reviews.

On one site all of the 5 star reviews have the term eco in from of all the names, ecoadam ecolauren ecodavid etc. Sounds like a scam.

We also should be sending complaints to teleflora directly.

Maybe they will realize FYF means something different than fromyouflowers.


Please accept our sincere apologies for the issue you have posted. Please contact us directly at

You should include your order number, your name, the recipient’s name and the delivery date of the order. Please provide our service team with the best number to reach you at as well as a description of the issue. One of our dedicated representatives will follow up with you as soon as possible.

We look forward to resolving this for you. Thank you!

to FromYouFlowers Westminster, Colorado, United States #855360

When you start delivering flowers or giving immediate refunds then maybe things will change.

As it stands now, your company has 0 trust and 0 respect.

Now deliver the flowers as promised, stop making excuses and stop promising things you cannot deliver.

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