I ordered the Rose & Lily Celebration for our Cousins in CA as a sympathy for the loss of their mother. Since we couldn't be there, we really wanted to send something nice!

We chose these flowers due to the colors (which were our Aunt's favorite!), well, we were VERY embarrassed when the flowers sent were NOTHING like pictured and looked VERY cheap! There were more green leaves than anything else! All they wanted to do was credit us back 15%!! Are you kidding me?

I wanted a FULL refund because this is FALSE advertising!!!

Stay away from this company! I wish I would have seen the bad revues!

Product or Service Mentioned: From You Flowers Arrangement.

Monetary Loss: $49.

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I, too, ordered two arrangements that were not as ordered. They were cheap flowers and not very well arranged.

They said they would refund half ... they refunded 1/5.

I was embarrassed by the poor quality. They put that cheap ribbon on the arrangement.

Do not order from this outfit!!!


Well, you should get a refund if the flowers were not as advertised. Unfortunately, without photos of the actual delivered flowers, it's your word against theirs...

and who do you think they will believe?

These flowers shops work on a network. You order online/phone, the order goes into some type of system, and a local shop in the delivery area picks it up and fills it. So, it all depends on the local shop to fulfill the order.

Contacting the place you ordered from is the first step - Not here.

This is just a complaining site... a place to vent and see how others are venting.

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