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I ordered three bouquets of flowers for Mother's Day 2014. FromYouFlowers lets the customer select sizes and gives the option to upgrade to a bigger, nicer arrangement, but these options are obviously nothing more than colorful buttons taking up unnecessary space on their website as my two "deluxe" arrangements contained only three roses each (these modest offerings cost me $50 per arrangement).

I could have purchased longer lasting roses at Vons for $9.99 and made four "deluxe" arrangements myself. My third bouquet was the largest offered, the "premium" arrangement. It was supposed to have pink daisies, pink roses, and a pink vase. The theme= pink.

This shouldn't have been complicated for anyone who has completed kindergarten and thus learned their colors. The bouquet that was delivered was every color of the rainbow but pink. It also contained no roses or any flowers that would be considered a focal point. My mother in law received a hideously arranged, rainbow colored bouquet of filler flowers.

Yes, I paid $75 for weeds I could have picked at the park. When I contacted FromYouFlowers, I was told to email them a picture so that I could prove to them that the ghastly grass and *** filled vase was clearly not what I ordered. I called back for an update a of couple hours later and was told that the correct flowers would be delivered the following day, Saturday- the day before Mother's Day. Late Saturday afternoon, after my recipient had spent the day waiting at home for the flowers and none had arrived, I called yet again to check the status.

I was informed that they had never actually placed the order and the earliest delivery available would be Monday. Yes, AFTER Mother's Day, and this was the occasion for which the flowers were ordered in the first place (two weeks early, I might add). I spoke to a manager at FromYouFlowers and he so very generously offered to reimburse 25% of the price of that bouquet. Twenty-five percent???

I could barely contain my laughter! My first two ordered bouquets were pitifully tiny in spite of their expensive upgrades, my mother in law received embarrassingly ugly flowers at work, I'd spent hours on hold trying to get all of this straightened out, and now my arrangement would not arrive for Mother's Day. And he offered me $18 in compensation. I would have given him an extra $18 to simply be done with their incompetent employees right then and there, but of course I kept this thought to myself during the call.

I reluctantly agreed- what choice did I have at this point, as Mother's Day was six hours away? After all the hassle, the redone bouquet was delivered on Monday. It was a humble ten red roses. Perhaps the florist was colorblind.

Perhaps FromYouFlowers failed to provide even the slightest description of my $75 pink bouquet. Either way, I paid $175 for the equivalent of a $20 gift card to the floral Department at the local discount grocer (technically $157 now, after my refund whose apology was about as sincere as an I’m-sorry-I-got-paint-in-your-chicken card). If you are in the market for an overpriced, quick to die, mystery bouquet that will likely be delivered to the wrong place (my second recipient watched out her window as her flowers were delivered to her neighbor), FromYouFlowers might be a good choice for you.

This might also work for you if your objective is to insult your recipient. Otherwise, steer clear of this company and save yourself a headache.

Review about: From You Flowers Arrangement.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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Every time I order flowers from any of these flower delivery places I am always disappointed. Now I either use a specific florist nearby or I arrange the flowers myself via the farmer's market. They are over priced and do a terrible job.


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