From You Flowers did not deliver flowers to my Aunt's funeral. Then when I called they kept telling me that they did deliver them but I know for a fact that they didn't because my family has used the same funeral home for decades and everyone else's flowers were there.

It really made me angry that they didn't try to fix the situation by calling another florist and getting them to deliver flowers and the fact aht when they tried to call the current florist they couldn't get an answer. They tried to blame it on the floris but I didn't pay the florist I paid them. I am PISSED!!!

I will never use a service like this again!!!! PAY THE EXTRA MONEY AND USE SOMEONE ELSE!!!!

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I have used From You Flowers at least a dozen times. Every time has been perfect!

Great service and great prices. I will use them again in the future.


From you flowers is a third party order collector service. They have contracts through teleflora, FTD, and 1800flowers.

They take your order, transmit it to one of the wire serviced (telefora, FTD, etc) who in turn sends it on to a local florist. Every time the order changes hands, that affiliate gets a cut of the total price, so by the time it gets to that flower shop, they only have about 60% of the money available to use toward flowers. You have to Take a few things into consideration at this point. One, us floral designers are real people, too.

We have bills to pay, a business to run and keep profitable, and a reputation to uphold. Two, the example pictures you see on the websites you order from? Those are NOT all around designs. They are one sided, made to LOOK like all around designs for photos and they are very misleading.

Count the blooms in them-that is the recipe we have to follow if we want to make ANY money on these third party orders. And three, flowers are perishable, and seasonal. Substitution can and DOES happen. In fact, if you read the fine print on any of the third party sites, it will state that substitution happens, and the florists are \'allowed to substitute for value and quality as they deem necessary\'.

That might mean flower color, or flower species. Finally, four. Most floral shops close down around 5 or 6. Almost ALL of them are closed sundays, except for major floral holidays.

if you submit an order at 4:30 and the site guarantees same day delivery, it is NOT going to happen. The wire services generally have a cut off time, but third party sites will tell you ANYTHING to get your money, and then throw us under the bus if you don\'t get what you asked for. Also, as your local florist, we cannot contact you, the sender, as your info is not provided to us. if we have to get more info for a delivery, it is a painstaking process of harassing the third party site to contact you and get what we need.

Like a telephone number so we can confirm delivery, or a hospital room number. These are important.We do not lie using these sites. But generally if we subscribe to the Dove Network (teleflora\'s wire service or Mercury (FTD\'s wire), they\'re part of the package. We do our best to fill the order to value, but at the end of the day, we have to eat and keep our cell phones on, too.

I would not expect you to charge me half price for my television set or my eyeglasses just because I went to some third party site and ordered it there, to be filled by your business. Bottom line? Your best bet is to ALWAYS call a local florist yourself and build a rapport with them. That way you can give them a lot more info, specify a budget, and best of all, more of that money will go directly toward the cost of the flowers, so you get more value for your money.

If you allow your floral designer artistic license by leaving it as designer\'s choice (you can even still request certain flowers, colors, or both), you\'ll get even MORE value, because you just gave us license to be creative and play, so odds are good we\'ll throw a few extras in. And if you are sending flowers out of your area, and you feel you MUST use a wire service, then call your local florist, tell them what you want, and let them wire it out for you. That way WE decide what shop it goes to, and e can communicate directly with the receiving shop. e generally keep a file of florists from other areas that we use because they excel at their work, and florists we WON\'T use because they do a poor job.

When you order third party and the order is transmitted to a local shop, the forist has the right to refuse and send the order on if we feel we don\'t have the on hand product to properly fill the order, hence the issue of being guaranteed same day delivery, and then finding out the order take \'could not find a local shop to fill the order\'. Also keep in mind that last minute orders are hard to fill. With a couple of days notice, we can order what we need, but we try to keep our on hand stock to a minimum of what we know we can use without product going bad, so we don\'t always have everything on hand at that precise moment.If you call at 3pm and want same day delivery we can usually make it happen, but you\'ll be limited to the stock on hand.Well, that\'s quite the novel, but I hope it helps people avoid dissatisfaction and losing money when it comes to flowers. We WANT you to be happy with your order, after all.

So always call us, call us ahead of you can, and work with us.

We\'ll make miracles with petals for you. :)

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