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I Had paid for flowers to be delivered on the same day and they never contacted nor explained to me that they did not have any florists contracted to work on Sundays in Greensboro NC. I paid extra and ordered from the "same day delivery" tab. The order was placed and paid for at 10 am and the expected delivery time was before 4pm.

The plant/flower arrangement was for my mother in-law who had worked in a florist shop at one time in her life and she was starting to "pass" and I thought it would cheer her up. That Sunday I working 300 miles away from home and I could not just go and buy them and deliver them myself. Sigh, So, I thought I would try "FromYou Flowers". Failure and stress.

My mother-in-law on that day was alert, happy, able to talk All good. The surprise of the plants were not to happen that day. I texted my wife and asked if anything arrived by 5pm. Nothing. Nothing by 6pm.

I called the service center, waited for 20 minutes, eventually talked with a young man who was professional, tried to call the florist find out what was going on and got a response that "They don't work on Sundays". I wanted to know their name. The customer service young man wouldn't divulge the company name but himself was confused because they wouldn't pick up the phone call when he tried again.

He apologized, refunded the $12 and said that he would make it a bigger planter. But it would be delivered first thing Monday morning. I explained that every hour she is alive and conscious is a blessing and needed attention to timing. I agreed and hoped for the best. We also talked about if they couldn't deliver that day, it's ok, I would have used somebody else instead that does deliver on a Sunday.

The arrangement was delivered late that next day. I was told she could open her eyes and at least saw them. Unfortunately, she was unable to read the card by this time her body was giving out and her lungs were filling up with fluid. She passed a short time later.

I kept getting e-mails to use my $12 credit the next week. This was more insulting than the original fee of being misled for $75 for a peace lilly and ferns (Bountiful blooming dish garden). I called again knowing that I will be spending another half hour of my time explaining my discontent with their product.

The customer service agent listened, apologized and asked if another discount would make me happy. I would take it, wanted 50% off but took what they would give due to the fact that they did eventually bring the arrangement and it might have been bigger (couldn't tell, should have been like "wow, look at that arrangement).

From you Flowers needs to get their act together. Contract with florists that will do what they say, if not, don't advertise you can.

The customer service people did their jobs well, just that the product that they represent sucks.

In the end, that's the last dollar from me.

If this helps even one person desperately trying to connect or make a lasting impression on a Sunday not loosing any of their hard earned money to this company, I will sleep better at night.

Call the florist directly first is my advice.



Product or Service Mentioned: From You Flowers Same Day Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

From You Flowers Pros: How fast they took my money.

From You Flowers Cons: Hold times to talk to customer service exceeded 30 minutes, Guarantee is false, Delivery date or time is false, Overpriced product.

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Well they screwed me to and left fresh flowers in the Florida SUmmer heat. I don't know what they looked like but I got a full refund but they screwed the whole thing up. They don't realize how important their job is when it comes to passing a caring or loving message or just to put a smile on someone's face.

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