FYF did not deliver my order, I learned of it 2 weeks later, and when I contacted the company for a simple refund, despite that this alone would not make up for the non-delivery, FYF had the nerve to try everything possible to deny me a refund. First, FYF never even called to let me know of the non-delivery, which I learned of after the fact.

When I requested a full refund, FYF denied that, but offered to deliver the flowers, which were for a specific occasion, late. When I reiterated my request for a full refund, FYF offered late delivery plus a discount off my next order. When I reiterated my request for a full refund yet again, FYF offered a late delivery, plus a small credit to my FYF account. Unbelievable!

Only when I adamantly demanded a full refund and said I was contemplating contacting the Better Business Bureau did FYF agree to refund my purchase, and nothing else.

This company has some of the worst customer service policies I have ever encountered and I will never consider using FYF again.

Review about: From You Flowers Delivery Service.

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San Francisco, California, United States #643632

Don't order from these clowns. They guarantee delivery and never show. You wont get a refund and they will insist on deliver after the occasion.

to simply ***ed Cypress, Texas, United States #655469

Dito. This company is absolutely horrible!

A rip-off!

Liars, cheats! Can't believe they are still allowed to do business :(

to simply ***ed Cypress, Texas, United States #655470

Did this to me also.

to simply ***ed Cypress, Texas, United States #655472

Horrible! Absolutely horrible!

Don't order from these people. Delivery won't happen the same day, and in my case, the upgraded flowers I ordered never arrived. What did arrive was an embarrassing $70 arrangement of 4 yellow roses and 6 irises in a plain, cheap, glass vase. No bow, no professional card.

Their solution? Give me their store credit. :grin What on earth makes them think I would ever use their services again? Florist will not exchange the flowers to what I orders but found out they probably don't want to drive the 48 miles (round trip) to do so!

Don't use them, please.

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