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100% customer satisfaction is not what I received. I ordered flowers to be delivered on Saturday to my little sister who had a big surgery on Friday.

It is now Tuesday and she has not received them, and the surprise is ruined. I was hoping for a simple exchange, as the website promised and it has been nothing but. On the first day they didn't bother calling to tell me it wasn't coming. The second day I had to call and ask what happened to find out they were short a particular kind of flower so they didn't want to send it out without talking to me, maybe calling me that day would have been the first step.

It was a mixed bouquet, how can you not deliver because of that?? I don't care what's in it, I won't even see it, make it looks good and deliver what you promise. They offered to add an apology card from them saying it should have arrived on Saturday, how would that make it better? That doesn't mean anything to her.

The third day I call again, they say they will deliver. Well, she needed to go to a doctor's appointment because of the surgery so no flowers again. Why they could not leave it there for her, again I do not know. Instead they call her, surprise is totally ruined and hopefully they will deliver today.

I have been offered a 15% discount which I noticed is offered to all customers that place an order with them, I already received it through an email asking how the non-existent delivery went because now I am a preferred member and a $10 gift card. Why would I want to order through you again? How have you earned that? Several times on the phone I mentioned I was not happy with what they have done to better the situation, yet they don't care.

I asked for a larger discount today, she explained that I have this great 15% discount and gift card on the way and more or less hung up on me.

I do not recommend this company. I don't know if I am even 15% satisfied.

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