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From You Flowers - Major Fail

I bought the flowers paying extra to be delivered before noon to my girlfriend office because it is her birthday. 4pm and didn't hear from my girl. Checked the status "no delivered". Called the 1-800, waited 20 minutes until finally someone picked up. Waited another 10 minutes for them to find out what happened. Turned out, they weren't able to make it. Never bother communicating to me. I am heartbroken that what I considered to be an special surprise was totally ruined now by a third party. They offered me 50% off next order. There is nothing they can do to fix what they did. Totally ruined it. I wouldn't recommend doing business with this company EVER.
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From You Flowers Same Day Delivery Service
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From You Flowers - SCAMMERS!!!

Don't order flowers from here unless you want to end up screaming for hours. I placed an order for same day flowers at 11 am and confirmed everything. I had a voicemail at 4 pm asking me to please call them regarding my order. After a 15 minute wait in hold music and annoying sales pitches I got this IDIIIIIOTTTT customer service agent. I told him that they left a VM and what was up with my order. He casually tells me that they can't get me order out same day but they can try for tomorrow but guarantee for the next day?!?! Are you kiddddding me?? Same day flowers are usually for a reason, in this case to help a very sad friend that needed it. He went on to say he needed to get a manager to approve the refund and I said I want to talk to the manager and he then proceeded to start playing games with me saying he would need approval and I would need to wait longer. I screamed at him that they wasted enough of my time, they falsely advertised same day flowers, charged me for same day flowers, tried to deliver next day or two flowers and now what to try to approve my "request" ?! I demand for a manager or I was hanging up and he sarcastically says "You can wait for me to approve your refund or you can spend weeks with your bank TRYING TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK!" This company is a god *** joke and embarrassment and cannot believe they got my business in the first place. *** "FROM YOU FLOWERS" for preying on vulnerable people trying to brighten someones day and giving a bad name to flowers. You are probably a front for a money laundering business. SHADY!!! Oh and by this time its 5 pm, I called a local florist and told them my story and they got flowers out within the hour for me for my troubles with these dipshits! Oh and I still don't have my refund from *** off so maybe I will have the pleasure of dealing with this through my bank for weeks like he hoped for.
From You Flowers Same Day Delivery Service
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