I called "From You Flowers" to let them know, I picked up my flowers from the dry cleaners next door to my bldg. and the flowers were completely wilted.

The flowers had been ordered and delivered as a surprise from my husband on the 25th of October. I picked up the delivery on the 31st of October. I had no idea flowers were in the parcel. Of course, my husband didn't mention..."hence the surprise".

Anyway, while on the phone for a total of 53 minutes, I had time to look at the website. 100% guarantee and "empowered issue resolution", I was told they would have to speak to the person who ordered the flowers to make any restitution. I did not ask for a cash/credit payment to me just that I was dissatisfied with the UPS delivery service and if the policy always just dropped off w/o a signature. Finally the Supervisor of a Supervisor...no manager apparently or so I was told said, "I'll issue a $20 coupon off the next purchase." Really, do you think I would honestly pay for another hour of this nonsense?

So, bottom line...DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH 'FROM YOU FLOWERS', it's not worth it! Order with a local florist, who will bring the bouquet and have accountability because they want you to be a satisfied customer and value your input.

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Omaha, Nebraska, United States #1342115

...how do you expect them to keep flowers from wilting in a box for almost a week? It sounds like your husband should have had them delivered on the day you were actually going to receive them.

Flowers wilt... especially in boxes.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #736243

Are you serious? You let the package sit for a week and you are surprised that the flowers were wilted?

And you want to blame the florist? How would requiring a signature have helped the situation?

You still would have let the package sit for a week. One of the most ridiculous complaints I've seen, and on this site, that is really saying something.

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