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Ordered 100 blooms for my girlfriend for Valentines day as I would be away with my team. Called to check up on it on Monday told it was shipped UPS.

Checkied with UPS and told they did not have anything, checked Tuesday with UPS they received a label but no package called FromyouFlowers, explained talking to UPS was told all was fine it was a special order and would be just fine. This morning called UPS was told that there was NO package and she was sorry but formyouflowers had out and out lied to me.

Called them and was told yes there was an issue, I should have been told that YESTERDAY! and the flowers would not be delivered!!

After talking to a very nice rep I was given a supervisor RAE who said she would contact a local florist and get a very large valentines arrangement but that it would not be the 100 blooms (remember I had ordered and expected 100 blooms, it was very large and looked very nice when I ordered it) I had also ordered a Teddy Bear, which before I ordered I asked was it beanie baby size or how big it was told by fromyouflowers that it was at least 12 inches high.

I was very appreciative and even wrote a nice thank you email.THEN my girlfriend GOT the flowers!!! They were awful yellow and a very small arrangement - not at all LARGE or Valentines DAY! No RED ..and the bear was beanie bear size...

I was embarrassed when my girlfriend sent me a text with the picture.

I think maybe they send a label to UPS so when you call fromyouflowers and ask for a tracking number they can give you one, but they never plan on sending the product. Basic bait and switch, illegal and very wrong to ruin so many people days!

Product or Service Mentioned: From You Flowers Arrangement.

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ALWAYS call a local florist! You aren't saving money with these people, the pictures are horribly photoshopped to begin with.

They send the orders to local florists in the first place and take a huge cut of the money. So the florist will get an order for $35 when you paid $60.

And then the florist gets chewed out about it. These people are vultures!

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