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From You Flowers - Do not waste your time or money

If I could give a negative rating, I most surely would. I ordered an "arrangement" for my mother for Mother's Day that was pictured online AS AN ARRANGEMENT and specifically stated it would be SENT AS AN ARRANGEMENT. I placed the order online, requesting the "premium" arrangement (the best, or so they say). Because of my OCD, I called the company two hours after placing the order and asked not once or twice, but three times if the flowers would be sent as an arrangement because I DID NOT want my mother receiving flowers in a box that she would have to put together herself. I was assured that they were indeed an arrangement and would be delivered as such. The day before they were to be delivered, I get an email stating my order had been shipped via UPS. Shipped?? Via UPS???? My thought: How the *** do you send an arrangement via UPS?!? Call customer service immediately.....keep in mind, this "customer service" is the equivalent of me having a conversation with my babbling year-old nephew. I was told it was not an arrangement and was going to be delivered exactly as I stated I didn't want: put-it-together-yourself flowers. Flowers in a *** box. You seriously have lost your mind if you think the recipient will have a smile on their face when they realize they have to put together the flower "arrangement" that someone sent to brighten their day. Here are your flowers!!- oh, by the way, put them together yourself. That's right- we're going to make you work for your happiness. I can personally assure you that there was NO smile on my face. Anyway- customer service tells me that they have no record of the original phone call that I placed, confirming it was indeed an arrangment. Of course you don't. Not only that, they go on to tell me that the product I ordered was no longer available, so they weren't able to find any information about it in their system to see if it stated it would be delivered as an arrangement. Now that is quite impressive. You have my credit card information in your system (that you have no problem charging), yet you can't seem to find YOUR PRODUCT in YOUR SYSTEM that is tied to that credit card info?? No more Mr. Nice Guy here. I need Mr. Manager, pronto. I'm sorry?? They've all left for the day?? How appropriate. No, I don't want their email address. I'll tell you what I want- I want to talk to somebody, now. Ten minutes later, Mr. Supervisor "apologizes" for the inconvenience but offers me 15% discount on my next order. I make it quite clear that there will never, ever be another order from me with their company and I don't want anything stating such coming to me via mail or email. What I want is for you to stop this order before it gets to my mother's doorstep and refund my money. What's that you say?? You can't stop the order because it's already on the UPS truck in transit NOR will you refund me any money?? I'm ready for round three, Mr. Supervisor. After useless arguing for fifteen minutes, I eventually get a 15% of a $70 order?? How generous of you! But they can't stop the order. At this point, I'm so pissed that I'm trying to think of ways to track this UPS truck down myself to stop the delivery because I don't want my mother to receive the *** that I now realize is going to be delivered. Too late. Flowers are delivered, mother is calling to tell me how thankful she is to have received the flowers and how she has already put them in the vase (garbage). At the same time, I'm apologizing profusely for the flowers-in-a-box and ask how many flowers are there and what they look like.....there are supposed to be over 20 stems of purple irises. Excuse me- 12 stems?? AND they are all closed, so she can't even see what type of flower OR what color they are???? For Christ's sake- this is unacceptable!!! She's thanking me for something she doesn't even know what it is??? I could have gone to the local grocery store, grabbed some flowers, and mailed them in a box.... I guarantee this would have cost me a lot less than $70 and looked 50x better. She asked if she should send a picture of them- I told her she better not unless she wanted to send me into orbit as well as on a road trip to find who is responsible for this catastrophe. Needless to say- DO NOT order from this "company", ever. Please. I wish I had read the reviews here before I had placed my order. If you want *** flowers, call me and you can pay me to send you some. This company is a joke and only hopes to rip you off, not make someone's day brighter by receiving flowers.
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Birmingham, Alabama
From You Flowers Flower Basket
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